Our Philosophy

"Creating knowledge and Wonder"

Here at Nurture Early Education we believe that each child is with us to be nurtured;

We nurture their minds through providing a stimulating, interesting, challenging, comfortable, contemplative, imaginative, creative, supportive, fun, exciting, intentional, flexible play-based, Reggio-Emilia inspired learning environment.

We nurture the children's bodies, through providing interesting, delicious, nutritious food and creating opportunities for exercise, using muscles, taking physical risk and consolidating physical skills.

We nurture the children's relationships, their respect for themselves and others, their surroundings, the environment and the broader community. We understand that we are building future generations and believe that children who are treated with care, who are loved and who learn to value learning will be incredible people.

We nurture the children's spirit through guiding social interactions, offering opportunities for choice, encouraging them in their agency and by recognising, respecting, valuing and encouraging their individuality and uniqueness.

As dedicated, qualified early childhood educators we also nurture our personal and professional development. We too want to nurture the relationships with our children, their families and our broader communities. We seek to build strong, meaningful relationships with local groups including our indigenous peoples. We seek and value input from all groups and believe that these relationships will only enhance our children's (and our own) learning journey.

We believe in offering a safe and healthy space for all. Where we nurture and care for each other's wellbeing. We operate as a team and help each other. We believe in continually improving, which means giving and receiving feedback respectfully, constantly working to improve our communication with all of our community members and, selecting and retaining team members who want to be here and contribute to the special place that is... Nurture Early Education.



1 Mary Ring Drive Samford Village QLD 4520


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