4 components that make a quality early learning environment

Early learning centres play an important role in the development of children as they help build a strong foundation for formal education. Considering its impact on a child’s development, it is of utmost importance that you choose a quality early learning centre for your child.

Components to consider when choosing a quality early learning centre

There are many ways by which you can figure out how good an early learning centre is. You can read reviews and get recommendations for centres. However, there are certain components that you should consider when deciding on a suitable early learning centre for your child.

Classroom atmosphere

The classroom environment of an early centre matters a lot as your child will be spending a lot of time there. It should be positive and cheery with things that are both attractive and functional for children. Some of the things to observe in the classroom are:

  • Building toys
  • Art supplies
  • Low, accessible shelves with a broad range of toys
  • Books
  • Friendly art on walls
  • Child-sized tables and chairs

Also focus on the cleanliness and organization of the classroom. It is important for the classroom to be well maintained and hygienic so your child can stay healthy at the early learning centre.

“Atmosphere” is also dictated by the mood and interactions of those who are in the environment.  Listen to the tone of voice used by the staff, the way the children are encouraged to play together and how you are spoken with during your visits.

Learning through Play

Young, curious children learn most effectively through play. A good early learning centre makes use of this technique and focuses on having an educational curriculum based on learning through play. This is effective and makes children learn things quickly and also develops more curiosity and imagination as it ensures they enjoy learning new things.

Behaviour support

At the age when your child begins to learn and differentiate what is right and wrong/acceptable and unacceptable, it is important to have proper guidance. The teachers at an early learning centre should have gentle yet effective ways to teach children about what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. They shouldn’t be too strict on them but should know how to guide them supportively – with a view to ensuring the children understand their choices and that they are able to opt for positive behaviours. It is important to consider a good track record for behaviour guidance and support when choosing an early learning centre. This ensures that your child is safe and learning with kind, nurturing guidance.


While the staff needs to be careful with children at all times, they should always be prepared in case of any accidents. Ask what precautions they take to ensure the safety of children and the levels of first aid certifications held by the team.  . Also, observe if there are any things around that can be dangerous for children and lead to accidents.  Remember, this should be done with an eye to understanding that no environment can be 100% risk free and that children’s development requires a level of risky play.

Few things to notice for safety of your kid at an early learning centre are:

  • The entire area is clean and well maintained
  • No chemicals or wires should be lying around unattended
  • No open pools of other bodies of waters that can be risky
  • No sharp objects should be in reach of children
  • Fire safety certifications should be up to date and displayed

Food Options

This component might not come to your mind when choosing the best early learning centre for your child but it is just as important as others. Children can be fussy eaters and no child likes to be forced to eat. This means that they need a variety of options to choose from. The menus should provide a diverse range of food types and be designed to ensure that your child receives their necessary nutrition.  It is understood that children will often try new and different foods in an early learning environment that they may not try at home – so good quality, tasty and a variety of foods should be part of your consideration.  . You and your child may have specific special requirements when choosing an early learning centre. But some basic components are important to keep in mind and should not be compromised with. After all, your child deserves only the best.

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