Sensory Play

Below are some great ideas & inspiration for sensory Play.  Sensory play is a lot of fun and a great learning experience for children from babies right up to school age children, it’s a time that you can be very creative, most services would use goop and/or slime, think outside the box and you would be amazed on some ideas.

Coloured Spaghetti Sensory Play (Hands on as we grow)

Cook the spaghetti, drain them and rinse in cold water to cool down quickly.

Divide the spaghetti into different containers and add food colouring of you choice, add a little vegetable oil to keep the noodles slimy for great sensory play

Playing with fabric scraps for babies (Hands on as we grow)

Put a selection of fabric scraps in a wipes container and let the babies explore how it felt and even tasted.

Sensory Tubs

These are great activities to have in the room or outside; you could have a sensory tub going each week with different ideas in it. It can be in a small container or even in a large trough, below are some examples of what you can put in your sensory tubs, some will be messier than others.

Magnetic Sensory Tub

This tub was done at Highvale Preschool, they coloured rice  black with edicol dye and added magnetic and non magnetic items to the tub

Ocean Theme Sensory Tub

This one has an ocean theme, they coloured the rice blue and add shells into the container, next to the tub was an empty egg carton and the child them started scooping the rice out with a shell

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